Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition Announced!


Now I know that everyone reading is just as excited about the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Old Republic as we are. So you’ll be delighted to find out that last night EA sneakily started taking pre-orders, along with announcing what goodies await those who pre-order the special editions!

Star Wars: The Old Republic will come in three shapes and sizes. The ‘Standard Edition’, costing roughly £45, which includes:

  • Early access (as we’ve come to expect with MMO pre-orders)
  • A colour stone (changes the colour of your in game weapon)
  • A 30 day time card (once again, we’ve come to expect this)

The ‘Digital Deluxe Edition’ (only available for digital download via EA Origin), costing roughly £60, which includes:

  • Everything from the ‘Standard Edition’
  • 2 in game vanity items; The Flare Gun and a HoloDancer.
  • An in game pet; The Training Droid.
  • An in game mount; STAP (no idea what STAP stands for, but you climb on it and zip about)
  • An in game camera; The HoloCam (used to record your adventures and share with friends)

And last, but definitely by no means least, the ‘Collector’s Edition’, weighing in at a lovely £129.99, which includes:

  • Everything from the previous 2 edition (as you’d hope for £129.99)
  • Another in game pet: The Mouse Droid.
  • Special access to an in game collectors edition store.
  • A Darth Malgus statue (allows you to have something real to show for your £129.99)
  • A steel book copy of the game.
  • A book featuring concept art and storyline details.
  • The Old Republic Galaxy Map to hang on your wall.
  • A custom Security Authentication Key.
  • ‘The Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic’ CD.
  • And a lovely big Star Wars brand box to keep it all in!

Yes, we know £129.99 is a lot of money, but you do get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to this Collector’s Edition! I know that us guys here at NGB are certainly going to be smashing the piggy bank open with a hammer when we decide which edition to pre-order!


Star Wars: The Old Republic is set for release some time in 2011 (thanks for being vague Bioware). So don’t forget to check back here at NGB for the latest information on what could be a rather special MMO!


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