Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Hammer Station' Trailer


A new trailer for the upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic on the PC has been revealed by developer, Bioware and publisher EA.

The trailer below shows how the base (Hammer Station) is invaded and then shows the destruction side of the game with various objects getting smashed by by lasers, guns and of course, the force.

The beta test for the game is set to start on November 25th and finish on November 28th.

The title has received very high praise from gamers and media outlets that have played the game and many rewarding it various accolades including Gametrailers that awarded the game the ‘Best RPG and Best Online Game of E3 2010’. Publisher EA have said that the game has broke EA’s pre-order record with 200,000 reserved in the first six days since it was available to pre-order.


Star Wars: The Old Republic is released on the PC worldwide on December 20th.

Source: CVG.


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