Star Wars: The Old Republic – Join The Fight Trailer


Here comes rather honest and frank admission, brace yourselves. The majority of the crew here at NGB aren’t really MMORPG fans, but if there’s one title that could change our minds, it’s Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The temptation might just might be too strong to resist, especially if EA and BioWare keep throwing awesome trailers at us akin to the one they released today. It’s almost like they are using Jedi mind tricks to get us all interested!

If you’re loooking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic, then we strongly recommend watching this brand new trailer. You get a sneak peek at the different classes the game will offer, starting with the powerful Jedi Knight and ending with the deadly Sith Inquistor. Combine that superb action with the epic music, and you have…well, just watch the trailer!


Star Wars: The Old Republic currently has a rumoured released date of “late 2011”.

Source: CVG


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