StarCraft 2 Explained on Just One A4 Sheet


The guys over at have created a ‘dummies’ guide to StarCraft 2 which is designed to fit on just one double sided piece of A4 paper.

The guide which explains the basics of Blizzard’s ever popular RTS, has been designed to educate and inform the less knowledgeable attendee’s of 2011’s phenomenon; BarCaft.

BarCraft sprung up in North America just a few months a go, it is the act of watching pro level StarCraft 2 in pubs and bars. Whilst attendee’s are for the most part, huge fans of StarCraft 2, friends, girl friends and passers-by may not be and thus the guide is born.


The guide is still a work-in-progress and looks like this.

What do you think about BarCraft? Let us know below.

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