Stardew Valley Collector's Edition Is On Its Way To Consoles, Everyone


Into The Valley

Stardew Valley is a game that is very popular, but thus far it’s only been available digitally. What if you fear the onward march of technology and the slow but persistent move away from physical media towards downloaded libraries?

If that is you, you’re probably a bit knackered to be honest. But don’t fret, because at least now you can have a go on Stardew Valley too (as long as you’ve got an XBoxOne or PS4)! The RPG farming behemoth scored some mad acclaim on Metacritic, Steam and lots of game sites that we won’t mention because we want your undivided attention, frankly. So whether you’re yet to try it, or you already have and you just fancy going deeper into the world of Stardew Valley, you can get the Collector’s Edition from 13th April. This new edition comes with:

· The full Stardew Valley game
· A disc containing the Collector’s Edition Soundtrack featuring 33 hand-picked tracks
· Exclusive Full Printed Map of Stardew Valley
· A Mini-Guidebook created by the artist and author of the full guidebook, Kari Fry

We’ll have a review up as soon as we can, because we’re good like that.

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