Starhawk Private Beta Begins November 22nd


Sony and LightBox Interactive have today announced that the Starhawk private beta will be going live on November 22nd. That’s this coming Tuesday!

If you chose to receive e-mails via the official site or are a loyal Warhawk player, you should receive a beta code soon. If you don’t receive one immediately, no need to panic, as Sony has stated the beta will be “slow rolled”. This means that they will slowly add more fans and features as the beta progresses.

Those of you in PAL territories who received a Starhawk voucher by purchasing Uncharted 3 will be given access to the beta in early 2012.

If you do manage to get into the private beta, you can expect to play Capture the Flag mode on a couple of maps by making use of the matchmaking system or choosing your own game server. It doesn’t sound like much, but Sony has “kept the initial roll out pretty tight” as they exercise their systems. However, they will “open the kimono inch by inch”, so if you keep playing and you’re sure to be rewarded with more content as the beta progresses.

Whilst you patiently wait for your code, why not check the latest Starhawk dev diary and learn a bit more about the game.


Are you looking forward to Starhawk? Be sure to let us know via the comments section below.

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