Starhawk Vehicles Trailer Revealed


Sony has released a new trailer for the upcoming third-person shooter, Starhawk which focuses on vehicular combat.

The PlayStation 3 exclusive which is released on the system at the start of May, includes a new addition in the form of a single-player mode which wasn’t featured in the titles predecessor, Warhawk. The game features an element of real-time strategy with the inclusion of system called “Build n’ Battle” which allows players to build various structures which includes: defences, bunkers and also armouries whilst in battle. Starhawk also features 32 player online battles and a co-op mode. Sony has also revealed recently that the game will feature a two player split-screen mode as well. Check out the trailer below.


Starhawk is released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 in North America on May 8th and in Europe on May 11th. 

Source: CVG.

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