Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Is The Kinect Title "Seasoned Gamers" Have "Been Waiting For"


Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is the Kinect title “seasoned gamers” have “been waiting for”, according to producer Kenji Kataoka.

Developed by From Software (the team behind Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls), we got hands-on with Heavy Armor last week at Capcom’s UK office (preview coming later on today) and had the opportunity to speak to Kataoka regarding the Kinect focused title.

“All sorts of gamers are important, but fundamentally if you’re a Xbox 360 owner, you’re bound to be a seasoned gamer,” stated Kataoka. “For those people, I think Steel Battalion is something they’ve been waiting for, especially with Kinect. We do hope that the Kinect market flourishes after this.”

We also asked Kataoka if Heavy Armor is tapping into the full power of Kinect, and what he thinks the future holds for Microsoft’s motion sensing device.

“In terms of Kinect functionality, I think we pretty much have the full potential at the moment. When the library and SDK develops further, it gets more efficient and optimised. There may be more potential for voice recognition or even further accuracy,” said Kataoka. “At the moment it only recognises arm movements and some hand movements. Further down the line it may be able finger joints and a lot more dexterous things, so we look forward to that”.

Is the last line of statement a hint at Microsoft’s plans to add to Kinect’s current functionality? Recent rumours have suggested Microsoft are working on a device that will be able to read and take in the movement of your fingers, so it’s certainly not beyond the realms of possibility.

What do you guys think of Kataoka’s statement? Are you looking forward to Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor? Let us know via the comments section below.

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