Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Release Date Announced


If you need some massive mechs in your gaming life, you’ll be happy to know that Capcom has today announced the release date for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor.

Developed by From Software, the Kinect only title will be released for the Xbox 360 on June 19th in North America and June 22nd in Europe.

To accompany the announcement, Capcom also released a brand new trailer focusing on the story of Sgt. Powers, the game’s main protagonist, and his platoon. Thanks to Kinect, you’ll be able to build an emotional connection with the men and women from Powers’ battalion as they pilot their mechs on the battlefield. From ensuring a panicked crew member stays focused, to a high five for successfully completing a mission, building a positive relationship with your platoon will be crucial in relation to the outcome of the war. We don’t know about you, but the mention of the high five reminds of us the hilarious QTE from the most recent Ace Combat game!

Other features you can expect to come across in Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor are as follows:

  • War, inside and out – Steel Battalion Heavy Armor provides a combination of first person shooter (FPS) controller gameplay with immersive gameplay elements that only Kinect can provide
  • Take to the battlefield – Instill fear in the enemy as the pilot of a Vertical Tank (VT), but feel fear of death as you and your crew become the focus of the enemy’s attacks
  • Brothers in arms – Utilise Kinect to engage with fellow VT crew members as you share the emotional highs and lows of the battlefield
  • Unique universe – Steel Battalion Heavy Armor is set in a world where the balance of power has been dramatically changed following a technology meltdown and once mighty nations are now reliant on human skill and courage to regain justice and freedom
  • Innovation – As with the original Steel Battalion, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, once more demonstrates Capcom’s commitment to take advantage of current technologies and push development boundaries to deliver unique and compelling gaming experiences
Check out the trailer below, and be sure to let us know what you think.


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