Stimulus Pack Screens + Interview With Robert Bowling


Hi guys just been browsing through the net and stumbled across this on net, its from which is a german website and they have interviewed one of the IW staff Robert Bowling about the new Stimulu package for MW2 and the first had screens (Interview translated so maybe not entirely accurate).


Cynamite: What will contain the new DLC Modern Warfare 2?

Robert Bowling: It includes five new maps. Three of them are brand new and two classic maps we set for fans of the last part (CoD 4: Modern Warfare) to do so. The three new cards are bailout, Salvage and Storm.


Cynamite: Could you describe for us the maps in detail?

Robert Bowling: Bailout is one of my personal favorites.Your ballert in an American residential complex.Imagine a typical large American residential area before, with many multi-storey apartments, many windows, parking lots and swimming pools.
In the pool the way you can hide it well as a sharpshooter. The large outdoor area will require team play. But you can still different in the apartments, lobbies or even go into a gym. The interior communicate with their long corridors and many individual rooms, a completely different feel. My notes: This card offers each of you something, no matter what game type you prefer! It’s just a really huge map and it works for everyone!


Cynamite: And how to look out the other two cards?

Robert Bowling: Salvage is the second new card. It is a snowy area and its broken since fighting between the garbage cans and cars on a rubbish dump. Here it is only on your abilities. The best with the skill will win here. The map is in fact quite small and does not provide adequate hiding places. Because of the size it comes here to heated and fast combat. Here you are actually constantly involved in skirmishes.


Storm, however, is a huge card that is best for task-oriented modes, such as is suitable rule. The battles take place on a former industrial park. The weather is wet, you see lightning in the sky and thunder in the background. The interior consists of a huge warehouse that connects the other areas of the map. The height plays an important role: you can move you to the catwalks and then take out your opponents under siege. The three new cards have a wide range and offer something for every different type of player.


The pack is due out around 30th april for us playstation 3 owners

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