Street Fighter X Mega Man Kicks off 25th Mega Man Anniversary


Today is a special day as it marks the 25th anniversary of Mega Man and Capcom have started it off by offering a free PC download of Street Fighter X Mega Man.

Street Fighter X Mega Man is a true collaboration between a company and its fans and is developed by Seow Zong Hui (‘Sonic’) with added support by Capcom. The game stars Mega Man and also includes eight brand-new Street Fighter-themed levels and bosses inspired by the legendary fighting game series. Each boss character will utilize their individual strategies and special moves against Mega Man, as players attempt to mega blast their way through each uniquely charming 8-bit world. In order to get your free download, click here.

Capcom are also planning to release the classics Mega Man to Mega Man 6 as downloadables for the Nintendo 3DS. These downloads will start on December 27th with the original Mega Man and more to be coming in 2013.

Let us know your thoughts and your memories of Mega Man via the comment section below.

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