Stunning Uncharted 3 'Desert' Gameplay Footage Released


During the Eurogamer Expo a few weeks ago, Naughty Dog lead designer Richard Lemarchand and Nolan North showed off previously unseen gameplay footage of Nathan Drake scouring the desert in Uncharted 3, but the trailer was never shown to the general public until now.

Sony has now released the gameplay footage which shows Drake end up in a ghost town fighting enemies after what looks like the ‘cargo plane’ level which was shown at this years Gamescom in Cologne. If you dont want to spoil the experience before you get the game then we suggest not to watch the video as it does contain slight spoilers. For those that can’t wait, check out the video below. One word…stunning!

Uncharted 3 is released exclusively on Playstation 3 in North America on November 1st and in Europe on November 2nd.


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