Sub-Controller to be named "Navigation Controller"


Now whatever your thoughts are on the name “PlayStation Move”, at least its short, adequate and does what it says on the tin. But as for the “Sub-Controller”, well it doesnt exactly roll off the tongue. But im glad to let you know that according to a FCC Filing from Sony, the new name for the controller is now “Navigation Controller”.

Now i know what your thinking, its not exactly an improvement, if anything, its even worse than “Sub-Controller”. But for me there is two reasons why this is better and more likely to work. First off, like “Move”, the name is a lot more suitable and applies to what the controller is all about, its for “Navigating” your character. Secondly, and this is just my opinion, but its highly likely that Sony are aware of the long and somewhat awkward name of the controller and are planning for gamers to to use a nickname instead, that nickname being “The Nav”. Because i for one will be calling it that, its a lot more appropriate than Sub-Controller or “The Sub”.

Thanks to Engadget for the news and let us know what you think of the new name in our Forums here.

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