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Suff And David Witts Appear On EA SPORTS TV



Ahhh, just come in from a hard day’s work, let’s have a look around the web to kill a few hours. FSB first (obviously), FIFA 10 forums, click a few links… EA SPORTS Media website, never been there before, looks interesting… Few videos to watch etc. and… HANG ON A MINUTE! I KNOW THOSE GUYS!

The EA SPORTS Media site has just opened its doors and their main feature currently is a video interview with the guys that are making FIFA 10 what it is, along with the guys from the community pointing out what they want to see in the game. Suff and David Witts from fellow FIFA community site Sweetpatch.tv appear in the interview to tell the world what they think of the work David Rutter and crew are doing. Visit the site now to see it!

I didn’t even know James May liked football…

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