Supremacy MMA: New Teaser Trailer


Here is an article about Supremacy MMA – 505 games’ take on MMA;

505 Games released a new teaser trailer today for their upcoming mixed martial arts game, Supremacy MMA. This game is going up against the likes of EA Sports MMA and THQ’s new UFC Undisputed franchise. But this title lacks the restrictions of having to deal with an organization like UFC or Strikeforce. They can make their fights as brutal, bloody, and violent as they like.

Fledgling developer Kung Fu Factory isn’t without their skills. The studio has had a hand in several Mortal Kombat titles, as well as a Dreamcast UFC game, and they even worked on UFC Undisputed 2009. So, while this is their first original project, it certainly has some potential. The project is still in the early stages and no release window has been set.

I’ve recently purchased UFC Undisputed 2010; which I will write a review on in the coming weeks – and it is very, very good, so Supremacy MMA – you’ve got a lot to live up to with the competitors.

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