Sword Coast Legends Coming to PS4 & Xbox One


n-Space and Digital Extremes have revealed that Sword Coast Legends will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will follow the PC release, which will be released first on September 8th.

The game comes presenting the most true-to-form representation of classic tabletop adventuring ever realized in a cooperative multiplayer video game. The game’s highly innovative Dungeon Master Mode introduces players to an entirely new way to play Dungeons & Dragons with a real-time, active and reactive Dungeon Master in cooperative multiplayer sessions and campaigns. Features include:

  • Massive story campaign
  • Complex storyline weaving throughout the exotic Forgotten Realms’ Sword Coast
  • Deep character customization, engrossing party-based gameplay and NPC interaction
  • Highly customizable combat and challenging monster encounters
  • Campaign creation tools for extended multiplayer adventures
  • The latest streamlined fifth edition D&D rules
  • Robust post-launch module expansion program
  • Epic orchestral soundtrack from composer Inon Zur

Dan Tudge, President of n-Space and Director for Sword Coast Legends stated:

We’ve had a clear goal since day one to evoke the classic D&D experience between four players and a Dungeon Master, and to bring back memories of the great D&D games of the past. After we announced and demonstrated Sword Coast Legends to overwhelmingly positive response at GDC, the press, partners, and fans all requested more. They wanted Mac, so we’re doing it. They wanted Linux, so we’re doing it. They clamored for console… so we circled back and figured out how to do it without compromising our vision for PC gamers. This addition to our existing PC, Mac and Linux versions ensures gamers will be able to have that classic D&D experience whenever, wherever and however they want.

Nathan Stewart, brand director of Dungeons & Dragons added:

We love that Sword Coast Legends delivers the authentic D&D experience by letting friends tell great fantasy stories together. With Sword Coast Legends being available on so many platforms, it doesn’t matter if you game on a couch, at the kitchen table or your desk — you’ll be able to join your party for some glorious D&D dungeon delves.

Are you looking forward to Sword Coast Legends? Let us know via the comment section below.

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