SWTOR Classes – Trooper & Bounty Hunter


Boba Fett-ish

We recently took a look at the lightsaber wielding Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior, today we continue our build up to the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic by taking a look at the all together different Trooper and Bounty Hunter.

The Trooper and the Bounty Hunter, two classes with completely different sets of values and interests, yet so similar in combat style and look. In fact the combat style of these heavy armour wearing grunts is completely identical thanks to the mirror fashion in which the classes of Star Wars: The Old Republic have been set up.

The Trooper is the staple of the Republic army, they can be part of a huge army or a small task force deployed to the outer reaches of the galaxy. Everything a Trooper does is for the benefit of the Republic and whilst the Trooper clearly represents its faction, the Bounty Hunter represents himself. His alliance with the Empire is one of convinience, his faction has need of his skill set and he is always available if the price is right.

The Trooper and Bounty Hunter start off primarily as a ranged class with a number of long range blaster shot abilities. The long range play is nicely supplemented with a couple of close range abilities to once again represent styles of play which are reflected by the advance classes. The best ability early on comes in the form of the sticky grenade/explosive dart, the high damage blast can hit a number of targets and has a relatively short cool down.

Whilst Star Wars: The Old Republic uses a mirror system for its classes, resource systems are either exactly the same or just given a different name. In the case of the Trooper and Bounty Hunter the resource mechanics are mirrored in almost every sense of the word. The Trooper uses energy cells as its resource with each offensive ability costing a number of cells, when the Troopers cells run out they must wait for new ones to charge. The Bounty Hunter uses the inverse of energy cells with its resource; heat. Heat starts of at zero and slowly builds as offensive abilities are used, when too much heat is accumulated the Bounty Hunter must wait for said heat to vent or use abiltiies which can instantly cool their equipment.

The advanced class choice at level ten offers up the Commando or Mercenary and the Vanguard or Powertech. Neither class offers a pure damage option, both advanced classes instead offer the versatility of a hybrid class.

Damage dealer, healer

The Mercenary and the Commando can perhaps be likened in some ways to the Holy Paladin archetype, a heavy armour class with healing abilities. The Mercenary/Commando are also very unlike the Paladin though with respect to the fact that their damage is done from range utilising dual blasters and assault cannons. It is more than likely that players that make the Mercenary andCommando choice will either go for damage or healing but we would never rule out the effectiveness of a proper hybrid build with abilities strongly mixed between damage and healing.

Power Vanguards

The Powertech and Vanguard offer the other hybrid choice with the ability to either tank or apply damage. Sometimes confused as a ranged tank the Powertech and Vanguard are most effective within 10 metres of their opponents making them best in melee range. A number of area of effect abilities can be utilized making the Powertech and Vanguard useful when taking on a large group of enemies.

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