Tactical Intervention Set For Spring Release


Tactical Intervention, which is being developed by Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le will be available on PC in spring.

The free-to-play PC online multiplayer FPS was announced in 2012 and will feature more than a bit of Counter-Strike ways about it.  The game is focused on team-based tactics and hardcore, fast-paced gameplay. There are new environments, game modes, weapons, equipment customization options and more.

Gamers will be getting behind the driver’s seat and hanging out the windows in order to shoot their enemies. You can also call in attack dogs and make use of tactical rappel ropes in order to get the advantage. Gamers will need to be conscious of civilians who will of been taken as hostage and used as human shields. A closed beta will also kick off in March and you can have the chance to sign up by going to the official site.

FIX Korea developer Le had the following to say regarding Tactical Intervention:

“I’m excited to share my latest project with my fellow gamers. As my latest tactical team-based shooter, Tactical Intervention builds off of what I tried to accomplish with Counter-Strike. I think players will be excited about the innovations we’ve implemented in the game, especially the vehicle missions and new team focus.

“Partnering with OGPlanet has allowed us to release Tactical Intervention as a Free-to-Play title, ensuring that the game is accessible to all players. We’ve got a lot of great content ready for launch, and there will be regular updates with new guns, maps, and more.”

Will you be trying this out once it is released? Do you think it can match the gameplay of Counter-Strike? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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