Tanglewood is out now on the SEGA Mega Drive


Wait, what?

Indie studio – Big Evil Corp – has released their new game – Tanglewood – on none other than the SEGA Mega Drive. Tanglewood is a classic 16-bit side-scrolling platformer which reeks of a bygone era on account of it releasing on the old hardware. The game follows Nymn, a fox who has become lost in the woods, and it’s up to you to guide Nymn back to his family.

Evil creatures will be roaming the forest at night so you’ll need to steer clear of their path. Other, more friendly, creatures will assist you on your journey giving you power-ups. These power-ups can be used to better explore the forest in a metroidvania-esque twist on the platform game.

The SEGA Mega Drive cartridges have been created using authentic SEGA development tools from the 90s and will be playable on PAL, NTSC or NTSC-J consoles. They’re initially reserved for the game’s Kickstarter backers but the 2nd batch can be pre-ordered on the Tanglewood game website ready for an October release. Each game will come in a genuine SEGA Mega Drive case with custom artwork.

Tanglewood is also available on PC, via Steam, should you prefer your hardware of choice to be a little more current. It’s currently available for £13.99 and that also includes a MEGA Drive ROM for use on your favourite emulator.

We will also have a review up in the coming days so watch this space for our thoughts on this genuinely interesting 8-bit platformer.

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