Tango Fiesta Coming to Steam Next Month


Spilt Milk Studios have revealed that their upcoming indie title, Tango Fiesta will be available via Steam Early Access on June 4th.

Tango Fiesta comes as a top-down co-operative two stick shooter for up to 4 players, where the wacky, frenetic, comical, over-the-top, cheese-fuelled action of your favourite 80’s action movies becomes reality. Gamers across the globe take control of John Strong – the original hero’s hero – as you and three friends shoot, blast, brawl, dodge roll, upgrade, unlock, smash and puntastic one-liner your way through the true stories behind all of the greatest 80’s action classics in this endless arcade action ‘rogue-lite’.

Players will need to adapt their tactics and choose your favourite characters, and equip them with the most explosive firepower this side of Arnie’s biceps. Ranging from assault rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers and even sonic electronic ball breakers. The early access release allows players to supply feedback to the developers and help direct the focus of future updates, ranging from new heroes, weapons and worlds to vehicles and bosses. Andrew J Smith, founder of Spilt Milk Studios stated:

There are so many classic moments of satire, outrageous violence and quotable dialogue in all our favourite 80’s action flicks and we’re making Tango Fiesta the ultimate love letter to every last one of them. We can’t wait to see what the fans think!

Andy Payne, CEO of Mastertronic, added:

I’ve got a feeling that once fans get hold of this the going will get tough, but we know Tango Fiesta fans will get going.

A new trailer has also been released. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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