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Team FSB Guildford Bound


Next week is going to be a very exciting time for Team FIFASoccerBlog as we’ll be heading to EA’s UK headquarters in Guildford to get some hands on time with FIFA 12. But the trip is going to be a little different from previous years as this time we’ll be spending two whole days at EA. Yeah, we were pretty pleased about that too. So here’s a little run down of who will be there, what we’ll be doing and some boring embargo information too.

Day 1 (31st May): All I can say about Day 1 is simply that myself and Tom will be there and whilst I appreciate that isn’t really news, we thought it was important you guys knew we’d be in attendance at EA. The embargo around this day is massive so sadly that’s all I can divulge.

Day 2 (1st June): For Day 2 Adam and Suffwan will be joining us (Yes!!) to sample some FIFA 12 gameplay and the better news here is that there are no restrictions on Day 2 what so ever. We’re allowed to tweet, post, blog, you name it we can do it. Which means that as soon as the day is over work will begin on our FIFA 12 Impressions articles and a Podcast Special.

The only way for you to get live FIFA 12 opinions from Guildford is to follow Team FSB on Twitter as that’s the method we’ll be using to get information out to the community, fast. So get following Dave, Tom, Adam, Suffwan and FIFASoccerBlog.

And finally, is there anything you want us to watch out for at the FIFA 12 play test? Let us know in the comments.