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'Team of the Year + Champions League Stars' myClub Campaign Available Now


Konami have today launched a brand new myClub campaign, which mixes in players from Team of the Year with UEFA Champions League Stars.

This weeks stars include Zlatan Ibrahimovi?, Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniele De Rossi, Eden Hazard and Ricardo Rodríguez. This campaign is available now until February 18th.

With both Team of the Year stars and UEFA Champions League Stars both coming together in a single campaign, this includes:

  • Special Agent UEFA Champions League STARS R16 Week 1 – Containing 11 TotY players and players of 75+ OVR playing for the 8 UCL teams playing on 17/2 and 18/2
  • Special Agent UEFA Champions League STARS R16 Week 1 80+ – Same as above but guaranteeing an 80+ rated player.
  • New Managers – Including some of those who manage clubs playing on 17/2 and 18/2.
  • VS Com Challenge – Against teams playing in the UCL.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this weeks campaign in the comment section below.

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Gui Cramer
Gui Cramer
7 years ago

Hooray for another wave of disappointment. Nothing like wasting those black tickets getting 80-81 rated players that are useless because they have poor overall attributes.

Sibii Ronald
Sibii Ronald
7 years ago

Hey konami, data pack when??? Real Transfers, real rating players…!!!