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Team Packs : NPower Championship UK BLES 01406


The one many have been waiting for.

With just about all International teams covered (Asia to come later) we are delighted to offer you up WENB’s own NPower Championship packs. Meticulously crafted by Jaymez Hetfield, Vinnie and TheBroad, these packs contain all 24 teams from England’s second tier (Though TheBroad will tell you that Crystal Palace are simply too good for the EPL!) and contain all correct kit, emblem, player and even stats data. If TheBroad has made Mackail – Smith pants there will be hell to pay.

Due to there being 24 teams, we have had to split this pack in two. What this means is that after downloading the first pack and copying over to the PS3 and importing, you will have to then delete the export data from your PS3 and USB device before adding the second pack.

Pack 1 can be downloaded HERE.

Pack 2 can be downloaded HERE.

The Broad has kindly offered users the facility to download each team separately and you can pick and choose what content you want by taking yourself over to this thread on our boards, which also contains a handy install guide. Be mindful that due to the 20 team import/export limit, there will be some teams that share the same team number data.

Basic Installation Guide

1) Make sure you have downloaded the WENB Base OF (HERE) or any other base file you may have already installed.

2) Download the file onto your PC. You should end up with a .rar file. (You need a program called winrar to extract it)

3) Right click the file and extract to desktop. You should have a folder called PS3.

4) Put that folder onto a USB stick, and then insert the USB stick into your PS3.

5) In the XMB (main screen when you start your PS3), go to the Game icon, and scroll to a folder called “Saved Data Utility (PS3)”.

6) Enter the folder. You should see an icon in the folder which says “USB Device (Storage Media)”. Select it.

7) All the files from the folder should appear. On each file press triangle, then select copy. Do this for every file.

8) Once done, start the game

9) Go to edit mode, and select the feature ‘Import’. Choose the file you need, and import it over the team within the game. For stadium import, simply import the files following the on screen instructions.

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