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TechRadar Sheds Light On FIFA Facial Capture


Every year FIFA players hope that their favourite player, or players of their favourite club get the facial scan treatment. When certain teams or players are left out, social networks go into meltdown!

Ever wondered exactly how the facial capture technique in the FIFA series is performed? Want to know who are the people responsible for this job? Well TechRadar have all the details in an exclusive interview with Nigel Nunn, head of The Capture Lab (www.capturelab.com) the company hired by EA Sports to bring all the player faces into the game.

It’s a great read and sheds light on how the process is performed, some of the troubles they face as well as how the move to next-gen consoles will impact their work. The following quote will entice those waiting to see a next-gen FIFA engine, with the processing power that the PS4 and the next Xbox (Durango) will provide.

“I think with the technology that’s out there now there’s no reason not to base something off real life. 3D models in both games and movies are more versatile.”

The article goes into specific details describing the digital recreation process and it’s intricacies. Nunn also provides insight into how 3D modelling will eventually create stunning in-game recreations of real-life players.

Be sure to check it out!

Source: TechRadar & The Capture Lab



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