Tekken Card Tournament Physical Game Cards Now Available in the UK


Namco Bandai have announced that physical game cards for Tekken Card Tournament are now available to purchase through selected retailers in the UK.

The retailers selling the physical game cards include:

  • GAME (Nationwide) (Cards will be available to purchase from August 6th)
  • Amazon (Online)
  • Stans Games (Falmouth and Cornwall)
  • That Game Shop (Nottingham)
  • DJ Computers (Bristol)
  • Lees Games (Morecambe)
  • Barkman Computers (Surrey)
  • Games Centre (Scotland)
  • Xbite (Sheffield)
  • Playtime (Doncaster, Sheffield and Nottingham)\That’s Entertainment (Essex)
  • JD Games (Carmarthenshire)
  • Insane Games (Somerset)

The physical game cards are sold in booster packs of 5 cards each. There are 191 to collect and each bring a wealth of bonus in-game features including valuable power ups, collectible art, new cards via the card fusion system, augmented reality characters, plus extra chances to get super rare powers for Heihachi.

They are all decorated with Heihachi artwork and contain five different cards with each card carrying a unique QR code to unlock specific in-game bonuses and power-ups. Scanning character cards using the augmented reality feature of the app lets players superimpose their favourite characters in 3D on the environment around them, with the ability to take photos and share them with friends.

Some of the 191 cards of harder to find than others players must be dedicated in order to collect them all. Once they have collected various cards, they can scan the QR code to unlock the card in the game and using the app’s card fusion system, players can also combine two scanned cards to create brand new cards in-game and gain valuable advantages.

They can also collect sets of 9 art cards featuring exclusive designs such as the Japanese woodblock style artwork and the Lili bikini poster. Collectors also have the ability to play a streamlined standalone game with friends using the cards only.

Players can download the free-to-play app via the following routes:

iOS, Android, Amazon, Browser

A new trailer has also been released. Let us know if you will be starting to collect these cards via the comment section below.


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