Tekken Card Tournament Update 2.0 Details Revealed


Bandai Namco have today provided fresh details on the upcoming 2.0 update for Tekken Card Tournament.

The update, which is coming in May will bring an array of hot new customization options to the game. The game has been downloaded over 6 million times to date, and version 2.0 promises a ton of extra content and gameplay refinements to all comers in the global King of Iron Fist tournament. New customization features coming in the new update include:

  • Two brand new texture skins for each of the 11 characters in version 2.0;
  • More than 12 new items for each character, ranging from a gangster hat for Heihachi, eye patch for Lili, biker helmet for Nina, red sneakers for Law, and glasses for Kazuya, to a range of headgear available to all including cowboy hat, bandana and more;
  • Character viewer to admire pimped out characters between fights;
  • New item shop to pick up all the latest Iron Fist fighter kit.

Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming update via the comment section below.

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