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It’s San Diego Comic Con this week and what better place to announce a trio of games? Telltale seems to have heeded my retrospective words and have done just that, announcing Batman, The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us sequels.

Batman: The Enemy Within

First up, Batman. The new five-part episodic game continues the unique Telltale tale of Batman with its first episode releasing August 8th. Episode one, titled The Enigma, kicks off the new story in which The Riddler has returned to Gotham. The Riddler isn’t the only threat. Oh no. The Joker is also returning to cause havoc on Gotham.

The game will tangle between Bruce Wayne’s and Batman’s lives offering unique insight that other games seem to ignore. Players of the first series will have the option to carry over choices into The Enemy Within, somewhat tailoring the experience set out before you.

Batman: The Enemy Within also introduces Telltale’s unique multiplayer ‘Crowd Play’ feature. Crowd Play allows family and friends on networked devices to have their say in the choices that help shape the adventure in a more co-operative way.

Episode 1 of Batman: The Enemy Within releases August 8th this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC Mac and a little later in the year iOS and Android devices. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners can also purchase the Season Pass Disc which includes the first episode and all subsequent episodes as downloads as and when they’re released.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Not its official title The Walking Dead: The Final Season will see the end of Clementine’s journey. Although no solid details have been announced yet it has been confirmed that the 4th and final season will focus on the titular character of the series – Clementine.

The Walking Dead – Telltale series initially released back in 2012 receiving a positive reception throughout its life. The latest series – A New Frontier – only just came to an end last month so the final season is a little way off yet. All we know is the final season will be coming to consoles, PC/Mac, iOS and Android devices next year.

The Wolf Among Us 2

Arguably the most exciting announcement was that The Wolf Among Us is finally getting a sequel! I type that as though I’ve played the first game. I have not…

It’s not all about me, though! As with The Walking Dead, there’s not a lot known about The Wolf Among Us 2 other than it is actually happening. The sequel is currently slated to debut in the 2nd half of 2018 across all major consoles and mobile devices.

The new season will begin a completely fresh story but Bigby Wolf, voiced by Adam Harrington, is returning alongside Erin Yvette voicing Snow White. The first game received incredible reviews when it released back in 2014 and almost everyone I know within the gaming scene heartily recommends the game. I guess it’s time to give this one a go!

You can check out all of the announcements in the bumper video below.


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