TERA Patch Signals the Start of Vanarch Political Race


TERA has been out in the west for just over a week now and is already receiving its first patch.

The patch which has been coined ‘Power and Intrigue’ opens up the late game political system where guild leaders can run for office in a total of 15 provinces across the lands of Arborea. To run for office players must be at least level 50 and the leader of a guild. Today signals the start of campaigning with level 20+ characters able to cast their vote on May 23rd.

We have heard a lot about the political system and we cannot wait to see it in action. Vanarchs, once elected will be able to do things like change the price of vendor items and remove class trainers, basically they can act like a tyrant and make life difficult for the rest of the population or play Mr nice guy in a bid for re-election.

With the release of the patch, players also gain control over the level of violence displayed in-game. As previously available during the closed beta, all TERA users can now choose between three different levels of violent content. In addition, many bug fixes are incorporated into the patch, including:

  • Guild symbols will be activated and no longer saved on the hard drive
  • An item drop fix in instanced dungeons
  • A preview function for accessories

A full list of patch notes can be found over on the TERA website.


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