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Test Drive: 2010 FIFA World Cup Impressions


The world cup fever is building up quite nicely and this summer is sure to be one hell of a footballing showdown. But for most of us gaming fans we want to be able to simulate the real game as best as we can on our own consoles, even long after the final whistle is blown on the 11th of July in Johannesburg. In steps EA Sports’ 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, announced just over a months ago and so far, looking very sharp.

At a Coca-Cola World Cup Trophy Event in London (UK), we were able to sample the latest build of 2010 FIFA World Cup. Frankly, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience. On the face of things, 2010 World Cup is graphically much much and i mean much better than FIFA 10. Everything is sharper andcolours on screen more vivid and realistic. Lighting effects are superb and the pitches/stadia are simply gorgeous. So far, so good. Looking at many of the trailers released, you feel they almost don’t truly compliment the graphics in this title.

Moving onto the gameplay side of things. The game does feel tighter than FIFA 10 in the controls department. There doesn’t seem to be any changes in response times that are obvious, however, this does require extended playing time. What’s great to notice though is how the physical play engine has been tweaked, giving you the sense that it was almost dampened down a touch. This again though is personal opinion. But again something the team were pleased to see. With regards to shooting, there seemed to be many parameters that have been tweaked, however the one that stood out most being changes to the finesse shots. In FIFA 09 they were too good, FIFA 10 made a tad too ineffective, whilst World Cup seems to have found the right balance.

So those expecting FIFA 10 with a new coat of polish, you’re in for a surprise. In a short amount of time with the game we were pleasantly surprised at the changes Simon Humber and co have implemented and how they seem to make it an improved experience over its predecessor.

Roll on 29th of April!

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