Tetris 99 Luigi’s Mansion 3 event


Bricking yourself

Starting 25th October players will be able to snag a Luigi’s Mansion 3 theme for Tetris 99. The catch? You’ve got to score 100 points before the event finishes on October 28th.

Tetris 99 has held many community events such as this and they usually reward players with an in-game theme. Points are accrued by playing the main game mode. The higher you place the, the more point you get. Even placing int he high 90s will get you a single point so even the worse player (me) can grab the theme, it’ll just take a bit longer. 

The events kicks off at 8am in the U.K. on the 25th so be sure to jump in and unlock the theme before Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases on Halloween!

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