Tetris 99 x Pokémon Sword and Shield



It doesn’t feel like five minutes have passed since the previous Tetris Grand Prix and here we are on the cusp of another. This time around it’s Pokémon Sword and Shield getting themed for Tetris and, as always, you can unlock it by playing Tetris 99’s main “Battle Royale” mode and racking up the points.

The better you play, the quicker you’ll unlock the Pokémon Sword and Shield theme and, as with previous Grand Prix events, you’ve only got a few days to win. Starting 8th November, through to 12th November, finishing nicely before Pokémon Sword and Shield releases on November 15th.

Unlike other themes, this one actually looks fairly fancy with Pokéball markings etched into the tetrominoes, Pokéballs capturing your foes all on top of the usual branded background. If you were ever to get excited by what is essentially an advert turned into a theme, this should be the one!

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