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Thank You!


I’ve come back to whole host of emails, and some of things I tend to sort through at the end of the month is how many hits the site is getting. With the figures just in I want to say thank you to all the folks who visit the site, and continue to support the site through thick and thin.

I appreciate the fact that we messed you guys around soon after PES 2009 hit, with the site yo-yo-ing around from different servers to being offline for ages without warning. Still you guys stuck with us, even actively conversing on our temp forums without full WENB support. Its fantastic then to see we have many more visitors than we had the same time last year – even with the mentioned problems.

Thats down to you guys, and we thank every one of you for making WENB your source for PES news! We’ll try our hardest to repay you with our ongoing commitment to providing the best service we can possibly achieve for the community.

Along with the fans, we want to thank Matt Holmes from Operation Sports for lending us his mammoth servers to get us back online, and most importantly Konami (we love you Steve!…ahem) for their continued support.

Lets hope this reciprocation of efforts helps create a worthy excitement for PES 2010!


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