The Beginning of the End: Are Games Consoles Doomed?



Gaming consoles really took hold in the 80’s and they have been constantly topping the list of every kids Christmas wish list each and every year since. In fact it’s also been topping the lists of most adults as well, but who could have possibly predicted just how far the gaming world would evolve in such a short space of time leaving the console industry now fearing for its future.

Long gone are the days of the retro arcade-based consoles such as the Spectrum or Atari, the NES or Sega Megadrive. We are in the age of the most powerful next generation consoles to ever hit the market in the form of the Xbox One and of course the PlayStation 4 but its these consoles that may be the last of their kind as they struggle to keep players interested.

The rise in popularity of mobile-based devices like the smartphone, the tablet and now even the smartwatch has meant that more and more potential gamers are turning to these devices and wearables to get their gaming fix. The games and the apps are more convenient to download from a variety of virtual stores and many can even be played for free requiring in-app purchases to further enhance the gaming experience. It’s this convenience and cost-effective alternative that has seen more players turn their backs on the more expensive console games on offer.

This rise in online gaming has meant that a number of providers and developers have sat up and took notice, which has since led to sites now offering better mobile and online gaming options for their visitors to enjoy like online slots and other popular gaming titles as part of their digital output. Not only that but as console gaming falls away it has left a gaping hole of which a number of new gaming platforms are looking to fill.

Games are now conceived, developed, created and marketed in a variety of new ways and this openness to modern gaming, this flexibility, this social promotion, these speedier internet connections and more has meant that technology has helped shape the gaming industry as we now know it. And quite frankly we’re not so sure there’s room for the console industry to fit in amongst this crowed marketplace, unless it can evolve dramatically enough itself in the very near future.

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