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The Best Deadline Day Ever?


Well it’s been quite a day folks, the final moments of the January transfer window have been in a word, mental. Money has been thrown around like it’s going out of fashion, with 50 million on Torres, 35 million on Carroll, 23 million on Suarez, 21 million for Luiz and more loan deals than you can shake a stick at.

But whilst supporters around the country get used to the major overhauls at their own clubs you can be sure that today’s transfer madness will be felt in the FIFA world too, especially online.

Going on previous experience we can expect FIFA11’s transfer update to happen in the next 2-3 weeks but how will it effect FIFA11 once it hits?

Will Drogba and Torres turn out to be unstoppable for Chelsea? Or will Carroll and Suarez be the new killer duo? And who do you think deserves a well earned stats boost? Bale, Wilshere, Rafael, Adam, Van Der Vaart?

It’s been quite a day, let us know your thoughts.

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