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The Best Of Creation Centre


Creation Centre has been running in it’s updated form for a while now, so we decided to have a look at what people are using it for.

Aside from the obvious VP boosting content, there is some really good work being done with Creation Centre which makes the download limitations a nightmare unless you’re a Season Ticket holder or buy the packs to expand your in game slots. The below is just some of the better creations we’ve spotted whilst nosing about, based on rating, times downloaded and how much value it adds to the game, we haven’t verified every single item personally. Also, as there isn’t a kit viewer for teams you haven’t created we can’t vouch for the authenticity of kits etc, We’ve largely used the comments section on each piece to determine the best version of each item. There are a few obvious omissions, England 66 for example, which is because we couldn’t find a decent one.


Blue Square South – By Marcusspanswick

Blue Square North – By Marcusspanswick

Blue Square Premier – By Marcusspanswick

UEFA Champions League – By JoseN15

Saudi League – By B-N-F

Argentine Primera – By CAI97

Super Lig – By trk2nvy

J.League – By JPCreater_2


Japan Int – By JPCREATOR_2

Wales Int – By TrikTko

Fenerbahce SK By CMEW

Sparta PrahaBy CMEW

Dynamo Kyiv – By CMEW

Shakhtar Donetsk – By CMEW

FC Barcelona 92 Vintage – By Meshatonic

Manchester Utd 92-95 – By Markmastro

The Arsenal Invincibles – By J100dl

England 90 – By pax666

Argentina 86 – By bullit100

France 98 – By jocookam

Classic Holland – By DS Riezzz

FSB Elite – By Tom Mills

FIFA Clubs FC – By Bigzombiemonkey

There is so much more on there that we couldn’t cover, feel free to use the comments to post links to your content or highlight any decent bits we’ve missed. To grab a link to an item simply click the share button then the link when viewing it. This will copy the link to your clipboard.

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