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The Concept Of PES 2010


The behind the scenes footage gave us a massive insight into how PES 2010 is shaping up, and just how huge the team is right now. Like Aki Saito said (and something we’ve hinted at previously) the PES team entered the new studio 2 years ago, and embarked on a mission to take the series back to its glory days. All buildings are built upon a solid foundation, and with Seabass confirming that player representation was a key element in the forthcoming game, it was music to years.

It was great to see Seabass in general, if I’m honest. More serious, less amused, and in many ways more aware of the task ahead. It was a tactical decision to take him out of the ‘firing-line’, with fans hurling a magnitude of abuse at a man who created an incredible football series. One thing I’ve realised since starting this blog, is that fans can be as fickle as they are misinformed, and to blame one solitary person for the mishaps on nextgen is unfounded. Konami’s struggles on the new platforms have eased, and with years gone by working with the hardware, perhaps its now we see Seabass utilize the tech to its maximum capacity.

And it was towards the end of the video that got me excited. When asked about the basic concept, Seabass replied with…well you can see it the header. I my opinion, one of the biggest contributing factors that gave PES that untouchable and incredible feel was the priority on the work going into player representation. For Messi to play like Messi, for Torres to finish like Torres, and for the like of Xavi to pass and move like Xavi. It’s something we take for granted, but something that has gone missing over the past few years. A few months ago I wrote a piece on how the PES series has lacked that bit of TLC, never feeling as polished or as loved as the PS2 versions. It seems someone has go that fire back, and with it a returning intent to make sure every little thing is spot on.

With the re-focus, and emphasis on new animations and graphics, this could be the title we’ve been all been waiting for. For many it’s been a long 2 years since PES6, we all hope PES 2010 will be worth the wait.

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