The cost to make God of War III? $44 million!


Most are calling God of War III the best looking title of this generation and who could argue with that after seeing the tons of footage and pictures posted on the net since last years E3 and Gamescom as lets be honest, the game is a true masterpiece and the guys at Sony Santa Monica have really pushed the PS3 to the limit.

So with God of War III looking so damn good, its clear that the title would of been an expensive one to produce and Sony’s Santa Monica’s, John Hight has confirmed this in a video interview with In the video interview he states that the development cost of God of War III was a whopping $44 million!

“We are stamping discs now, so we’re effectively done. Just got a couple of countries that we’re finishing up on this week, and we spent $44 million to make God of War III,” he revealed.

$44 million might sound like a great deal but the huge amount of money that God of War III will make back in sales, its nothing.

The video interview from is below –

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