The Crew: Calling all Units Expansion Out Now


Ubisoft have today released the second major expansion for The Crew, Calling all Units.

Calling all Units features a brand new storyline as elite cop Clara Washington to take down illegal street racers nationwide. Gamers looking to drive on the other side of the law can also play as a street racer to show off their driving skills and team up with their crew to take over the U.S. This police-chase fantasy will come to life in an action-packed open world, through 12 new missions that will let players create their own cop tactics, ride in fully-equipped police vehicles and collect new parts, vehicles and XP. Players can pick a side, or swap at will, perfecting their strategies to track down street racers or evade the police.

There will be access to a range of f cop vehicles, from exotic supercars to heavy off-roaders and monster trucks, helping them perform successful arrests. For those who haven’t yet picked the original game up, an ultimate edition is out now including the main game, The Crew Wild Run expansion and the brand new The Crew Calling All Units expansion, as well as the Season Pass vehicles with their customisation options.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the second expansion in the comment section below.

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