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The Disconnection Debate


It’s an issue that often raises the blood pressure of many a FIFA player, the disconnection of a match in the first 5 minutes where it is not considered a forfeit. The rationale for implementing such a system is justified and EA have done so to allow players to judge whether the match connection will allow a lag-free gaming experience. But as with most decisions related to football, there is always an element of controversy.

In the next FSB Podcast we will be discussing the issue of disconnections and focusing on rationale, frequency, occurrences, abuse and so on. Below is a little video we have put together with an example of a disconnection occurring in a Pro Clubs match. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and we will discuss them in next week’s podcast.

Special thanks to the team at Elgato Gaming for supplying us with their Game Capture HD kit.


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