The Elder Scrolls Online Celebrates Orsinium DLC Anniversary


Bethesda have today announced a new promotion to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the release for the Orsinium DLC in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Today’s event gives a fantastic 75% off the DLC, awards double loot and rewards, and brings back the special Orsinium Collector’s Bundle at a discounted price.

The DLC introduced a colossal new zone with more than 20 hours of additional story content, a new single player monster arena, new public dungeons, and more. With the Orsinium DLC Game Pack, players are able to journey to the mountains of Wrothgar, and to the Orc capital itself, to unravel plots and counter-plots, and clash with all-new enemies and allies. The anniversary event ends on November 21st and includes:

  • The Orsinium DLC Game Pack is on sale for 75% off
  • The Orsinium Collector’s Bundle returns, now for 60% off, and includes The Orsinium DLC Game Pack, The Cave Bear Mount, The Cave Bear Pet and Five Crown Experience Scrolls
  • Players will earn double the amount of loot and rewards from World Bosses, Daily Delves and the Maelstrom Arena; players completing Veteran Maelstrom will receive two Maelstrom weapons
  • Crafters will receive twice the amount of materials from resource nodes in Orsinium, including wood, metal, cloth, and Alchemy water and herbs.

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