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The First FIFA Street Review Arrives


And it’s courtessy of Official Xbox Magazine who have exclusivity until the US launch. After that the rest of the gaming media will join the party including FSB and we’ll be dropping our FIFA Street Review at 9am GMT on March 13th.

Here’s a snippet of what OXM thought and you can catch their full FIFA Street Review here.

“Thanks to its high-quality animation and well-realized mechanics, FIFA Street only reinforcesFIFA’s standing as EA’s top sports brand. It’s a welcome alternative for veterans, but even folks relatively unfamiliar with soccer will find a lot to love here”

In what is perhaps the shortest FIFA review in history OXM plumped for a 9.0/10 but to be honest, there’s very little in the text to back that up. Mark us down as extremely disappointed, because we, along with many sites would have killed for an exclusive review and this just not good at all. Sigh…


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