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The FSB Awards 2011: Winners


Sorry it’s late…

Over the last two weeks, we asked you to vote for your favourite Image, Video, Podcast, Article and Xaors Corner.

We had originally planned to post the results on boxing day, but you know how the Xmas period is, you open a beer on Xmas eve and the next thing you know you’re back at work. Some categories tied, in those instances we’ve also voted to give a clear winner.

Best Image:

FIFA Server Closures

Best Video:

Wepeelers FIFA History 101


Best Podcast:

Best FIFA 12 Podcast Ever


Best Article:

Why EA Should Remove The OVR?

“And that’s the major problem with the OVR rating system; it’s only an average of the player’s top attributes, nothing more. However the prominence it’s given in FIFA’s menu design makes it feel like a reliable decision making tool when it really couldn’t be further from that.”

Best Xaors Corner:

Xaor’s Corner: The Unholy Gameplay Trinity

“The most prominent cases of flawed AI in FIFA tend to occur when defending. When you defend you are very reliant on your teammates AI to help you in marking and holding the line, but most of my time spent defending on FIFA is more about fixing what my AI is doing than it is about defending.”

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