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The FSB FIFA 13 Career Mode Wishlist



After last weeks FIFA 13 Gameplay Wishlist it’s finally time for Career Mode to step under the FSB microscope. As with gameplay these are ordered by priority so have a read and let us know your own thoughts on our list.

It’s probably worth mentioning as well that the number one priority for Career Mode (in our opinion) to be a true success, CPU AI/Team Styles has already been covered in the Gameplay Wishlist. Without a varied and changeable AI opponent much of the below is merely bells and whistles but to keep everything aligned it was included with improvements on the pitch rather than those off it.

1 Team Management

– Complete overhaul of the entire Team Management system used in FIFA.

– A “drag and drop” style intuitive formation editor with positional sliders (there’s your Kinect integration…)

– Quick substitutions accessible in-game so you never have to leave the action.

2 Career Mode Setup Options

– The option to start Career Mode unemployed and have a selection of smaller clubs from around the world offer you contracts or be assigned a club at random (enforced).

– The option to choose whether to have a transfer window in the first Career Mode window, maintaining real squads until January.

– A slimmed down Scenario mode tied into EASFC. i.e start with 6 games to go, must avoid relegation/get promotion.

3 Be A Player

– Better consistency in the VP match performance system, with greater rewards for assists and maintaining possession.

– A less rigid and far more intuitive system for understanding where you are on the pitch, as well as why you’re there rather than punishing you for following the flow of the game.

– Managerial direction for your VP, to tell them how to play during a match and any tactics to employ.

– The ability to come on as a substitute and to be substituted when fatigued or performing poorly.

4 Custom Tactics

– First and foremost we shouldn’t feel scared to change Custom Tactics and formations without risking game save corruption. The stability of the system needs to be massively improved.

– Genuine on the pitch impact from Custom Tactics choices which make each team feel different to play against.

– Better variety of team tactics including options for zonal marking, defensive line height and individual player/position instructions.4

5 Club Progression

– Ability to upgrade your clubs facilities in line with achievement, new stadiums, training grounds and expansion.

– Option to change kits every second year (at least), as well as randomising other teams kits frequently.

– A built in player editor to change player accessories and customisation for your squad.

6 Transfers

– Less frequent “big name” transfers between the top clubs.

– Player plus cash and player trade transfer options.

– Better depreciation of player transfer values as they enter the last year of their contracts.

7 Player Negotiations

– Live negotiations where players respond to your offers allowing you to adapt or cancel deals based on their demands instantly.

– Options to add percentage bonuses for goals, clean sheets and appearances to contracts.

– Performance based payments based around future appearances or competition success.

8 Youth Academy

– Youth training plans to allow you to sculpt player development and form a club ethos from the ground up.

– Reserve team matches which you can choose to control or delegate to the Assistant Manager.

– Introduce feeder clubs to allow youth players to gain valuable match experience away from their parent club.

9 Talk To The Press

– Actual press conferences where you’re asked questions by the media and can respond in real time.

– The ability to respond to rumours about your squad or transfer targets in the press to artificially inflate/deflate values.

– Massively improved variety of press responses allowing us to choose the emotional delivery as well as the message.

10 Best of the Rest

– To be able to scout players in the existing FIFA player database as well as youth prospects.

– When Career Mode is advancing all media articles should remain active and readable.

– Introduce the PES style hexagon for comparing player abilities (also in Creation Centre)

– Clear and defined multi season objectives from the board.

– Player of the Month/Season Awards and Teams of the Year.

Hit the comments fine FSB fellows and do your worst.

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