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The FSB FIFA 13 Gameplay Wishlist



At the end of last year we conducted a pretty big internal exercise to compile feedback on FIFA 12 and we’ve turned that in to a series of “wishlists” detailing what we’d like to see from FIFA 13. With FIFA Street now released and Euro 2012 announced I think it’s probably time for us all to start discussing the next FIFA game and to get things going we’ll be releasing one of these wishlists each week starting with gameplay.

In order order of priority, here goes…

1 Player Movement and Runs

  • Attacking movement needs to be improved, both in frequency and overall quality. Users should not feel forced to trigger runs themselves.
  • Triggered runs (L1) need to be more dynamic incorporating diagonal and curved runs to complement the existing linear movement.
  • More short distance runs are needed to provide support for team mates without disregarding positional awareness.

2 Defensive Positioning

  • Defenders should work better at supporting eachother and the user, to improve the sense of a genuine defensive unit.
  • The midfield needs to become much more involved in the defensive phase of the game, marking, blocking off passes, and getting back faster.
  • When midfielders/forwards end up in defensive areas they should be less likely to put themselves in a position to prevent attacking threats.

3 Team Styles and Tactics

  • The variety of chances the AI attempts to create based on the team they are controlling need to be diversified beyond the Barca style Tiki Taka.
  • The ability for the AI and user to change fluidly between different formations as the match situation evolves.
  • The CPU AI should adapt or look to nullify your important players by doubling up on talented wingers or pressing midfield creators.

4 Player Locomotion

  • Momentum and inertia needs to be more significant. It should be noticeably more difficult to slow from speed or turn while conserving pace.
  • The responsiveness of jockeying needs to be increased massively so that a jockeying player can react better to attackers.
  • More connection between boot and playing surface is needed so that the shifting of weight from one side to the other actually plays a significant role in beating a man.

5 Impact, Contain and Tackling

  • Serious polish needs to be applied to the Impact Engine, reducing glitches, improving refereeing, and also to improve avoidance of off the ball collisions.
  • The reaction rate of a player when using contain should be reduced to a more human level.
  • Randomness in tackle outcomes should be reduced. It should be much rarer that a tackle will fall back to the tackled player or his teammate.

6 Ball Control and Footedness

  • Error on first touches and also while dribbling should be made more prominent dependent on context.
  • The limitation on turning when sprinting (22.5 degrees) should be removed to be a dynamic limitation dependent on player and context.
  • Differences between the stronger and weaker foot should be made more noticeable; one footed players should use their stronger foot whenever possible

7 Pass Speed and Error

  • Passing speed needs to be increased so that a crisp passing game can take place once more.
  • Passing error should be represented primarily as inaccuracy, rather than sluggishness.
  • Sizable increases to the error on long balls, chipped through balls, clearances and blind passes.

8 Goalkeepers

  • Reaction speeds should be reduced so keepers seem more human, and, true anticipation saves should be implemented.
  • The balance of human controlled keepers should be improved so that more skill is required, and that they are less overpowered, particularly on assisted settings.
  • Reduced accuracy of distribution from goalkeeper throws especially over long distances.

9 Assisted, Semi and Manual Controls

  • There needs to be far greater consistency in how the amount of charge relates to the power on passes, shots, and crosses.
  • It needs to be made more possible to play very short, intricate passes on manual.
  • AI pass choice needs to be improved to better interpret what the user intends for assisted and semi-assisted play.

10 Aerial Challenges

  • Improvements to player switching so that it chooses the player with the best chance of getting to the ball considering the position of attackers.
  • The ability for more than two players to challenge in the air removing the current feeling of a 50/50 lottery.
  • Better physicality for aerial challenges in the penalty area with players able to use their body to hold off and roll defenders.

There you have it, that’s our dream FIFA 13 gameplay list and we’ll be bringing you our Career Mode, Online, Ultimate Team and Clubs wishlists over the next few weeks.

So FSB readers what are your thoughts on our gameplay wishlist? Would you add anything new, would you change the order and what would you get rid of? Hit the comments and let us know.

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