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The FSB Guide To Commenting


We aren’t fans of censorship here, not by a long way, and this was a post we’d hoped we wouldn’t have to write. However, as the site has grown it’s becoming clear that we need to put some guidelines in place for commenting and take a tougher stance on what’s posted, especially at this busy time of year.

Why are we doing this?

Because we have to. I’ll be honest and say that some recent comments have brought this on a little quicker than we expected but believe it or not, this isn’t completely down to the FIFA vs PES stuff. It’s obvious to all that they are the only two big hitting football games on the market, which makes comparison a natural thing. Those discussions are fine and they are absolutely encouraged, but try and keep comments relevant to the post that you’re commenting on. If you’re arguing about PES vs FIFA on a post about music, you’re doing it wrong.

Is this because we are bumming EA and won’t have a bad word said about them?

Definately not. If you’ve got a gripe with FIFA or EA then feel free to vent and discuss it here. Just try to do it in a civil way. We aren’t trying to stifle or silence people, more keep the discussion on topic and keep it constructive.

Why wasn’t my completely clean and well written comment posted?

It will be. The spam filter is pretty strict and sometimes gets things wrong. We actively check the spam on a daily basis and manually undo any mistakes, just be patient, there is no need to post multiple times. We will see your comment and we will approve it. It’s either that or have every post filled with adverts for free air jordans. If your comment doesn’t appear straight away don’t worry, it will go up. It just may take a few hours depending on the time of day.

How dare you post this Tom, you’re as bad as the rest of us?

Well yeah. That’s true. I’m not a saint and am guilty of acting like a tit sometimes. But as the sites audience grows, we’re looking to change the way we handle things and deal with certain matters privately if needed.

So what are you actually getting at?

We basically want people to think before they post comments, and in turn we will be doing the same. We don’t have time to edit posts or anything like that, so if part of a comment is reason for it to be deleted then the whole thing will go. If something isn’t of interest to you, then move along and read a post that is. We like to think there’s a fairly wide variety of content here. A great example is commenting on a post about FIFA iOS, saying that you couldn’t care less about it because you don’t have an iOS device. We used to let that go, but now we won’t. It’s just as much a waste of your time to write it as it is ours to go in and delete it, so save us both the hassle.

It needs to be said that we love you guys. We’re really grateful that people choose to come here to get FIFA news and to discuss the game and we love the banter as much as anyone else, but we have to draw a line somewhere. The previous “anything goes” policy isn’t working anymore, so it has to change.

With that in mind, I give you, the FSB guide to commenting, print it out and stick it on your wall:

  • Is my comment completely irrelevant to this post?
  • Am I being a wanker?

If you answer yes to either of those. It’ll get removed.

Other than that, nothing will change, there will just be less bitchiness and less irrelevant posts in the comments. As I said, myself and Dave will be following suit. If we don’t, then at xmas I’ll publish my address and you can all send me my hypocrite of the year award.

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