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We haven’t done any shameless self promotion for a while now and with site footfall about to go a little crazy because of  a certain football games release, its a rather appropriate time to do it.

Yes, we know some of you are probably following, liking, grouping and poking us already, but we get many new visitors every day so this is more for their benefit, rather than the battle hardened regulars.


FIFASoccerBlog – the official FSB Twitter account

Dave797 – Your Senior Editor Mr David Bryant

Tem1985 – Your other Senior Editor and dog lover Tom Mills

Suffwan – Kitana Media chief and all round good guy

Xaor – The man behind the infamous, Xaors Corner


FIFASoccerBlog – The official FSB Facebook page, LIKE us!


The FIFASoccerBlog Podcast – The FIFA 12 Review podcast will be here soon, why not subscribe and rate?

You Tube

The FIFASoccerBlog Channel – We know this is unloved, but fresh content is on the way.

That’s your lot, so get involved, support the site and we’ll deliver the best FIFA coverage anywhere on the net, deal?

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