The Last Story Official Site Launches


With The Last Story set to launch later this month exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, the official site has now launched.

With the official site, gamers can find out more about the latest title from esteemed developer Hironobu Sakuchi. There is a newly released teaser video for the game plus an extensive interview with some of the people who brought the game into being.

The website transports players to the world of Lazulis Island. An Island which is hub of a war-torn empire which is characterised by magic, mercenaries and monsters. The site details the game’s innovative combat system, customisation options and 6-player online battle mode. It also have more info on the story and footage of the locations which brought the game to life.

Also gracing the website is also the first in a series of new teaser videos which introduce the larger than life cast of The Last Story and offers a sneak peak at some of the amazing events that occur in game.

With visual style making you truly appreciate the visual detail in the game, there is a new interview which offers insights into the creative process behind The Last Story. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata meets with Sakaguchi and character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka and they talk about bringing their visions to life in The Last Story.

What are you waiting for, visit the official site for all things The Last Story here – The Last Story Official Website

Once you have visited the site, Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

The Last Story will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Wii on February 24th.

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