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The Official FSB Fantasy Football League


Not exactly FIFA related, but given the partnership between EA and the EPL and the fact that the website is now “Powered by EA Sports” I think we’re ok. And we all love football right? Of course we do, so for the 2011/12 season, we’ll be running a Fantasy Football league through the Fantasy Premier League website.

The website has finally had a lick of paint and is now a lot easier on the eye than in years gone by, which is good because when Dave and I were talking about this, I did at one point suggest using the Sun. Theirs used to look nicer and has a Smartphone app.  Still feel a bit dirty for suggesting it though.

There currently isn’t an official app for the Fantasy Premier league, but I did find this.

*update: there is also Fantasy Football Manager – Thanks to BrendonJ*

It’s pretty standard stuff and you can read the rules in full here, but in short you’ll need a team name, a squad and a login for the site. No more than three players from a single team, deadline for the first round of transfers is 11:30 on the 13th of August.

Once you’ve blown your 100m budget on 15 players and designed your kit, head over to the leagues tab and select to join a private league. Enter the FSB league code -105922-37129 and you’re in.

Once you’re done, post your team name in the comments so we know who’s who.

We’ll be posting regular status updates and at the moment we’re playing for pride and bragging rights, but that may change over the course of the year, you never know.

Feel free to use the comments on this post as a forum for banter, but there’s also a forum embedded in the league on the official site.

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