The Outer Worlds comes to Game Pass this week


and 6 more games are coming soon!

The Outer Worlds has been reviewed favourably and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to give it a go as soon as it releases on Friday 25th October. Currently sitting in the high 80s on Metacritic, The Outer Worlds is said to be a great modern RPG that allows the gamer to play any way they like. It’s also meant to be genuinely funny too so that’s a boost! 

This sits alongside 6 other games; minit, Afterparty, Lonely Mountains Downhill, Secret Neighbor, Subnautica & LEGO Star Wars III further staking Game Pass as the best  gaming subscription money can buy! 

You can also still snag a Spotify Premium 6-month subscription if you’ve yet to punt for Game Pass Ultimate!

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