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The PC Predicament


It’s no secret that top of the range gaming PC’s of today make our current-gen PS3’s and Xbox 360’s look like second division players. Most multiplatform games released in this era look much sharper and smoother running on high-end PCs given the extra horsepower under the hood. However, for footy fans this hasn’t been the case with FIFA over the last couple of years. Whereas the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have moved to all new heights, the PC version has only implemented some of the many features that has made FIFA the number one football game worldwide.

The PC development team over at EA Canada led by Paul Hossack must be commended for their excellent achievements with FIFA 09 on the PC. Although the game didn’t look as pretty as its console counterpart, it had a whole host of exclusive features that made it brilliant, such as the keyboard and mouse control system (I’m a big fan of that).

Following the unveiling of the console version to the press last week, the PC fans are starting to get uneasy. What is it that the PC FIFA fan wants to see in the next iteration? What changes/additions would make the community happy? Hit the forums and let us know… We’ll be sure to pass the message on.

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